About Me

Taking a look at my works, one might think there are quite different approaches. However, this is an illusion because all is one world. I’m interested in different approaches towards life. That’s also why I work using various techniques and materials – one of them being photography. Frequently, the concept already exists before the works come into being. Although I’m also often involved with processes relating to several pictures and sculptures at the same time. Working in three dimensions: “objects to touch and look at” made from stone, alabaster, paper, papier-mâché, wood, everyday objects, things found, the random. Ever since I’ve been a child, travelling to foreign countries has been inspiration and drive. However, we can also travel to inner worlds and explore the unconscious. I like delving into my own depth and likewise be touched by current social topics. I delve into processes that find expression in picture sequences and series. I feel attracted by opposites. Frequently, this results in dyads or triptychs. Occasionally, decomposing things to little pieces may be an essential process because it allows for reassembling them in new order.

However, the most significant ambition is diversity, awareness for the accidental occurrence, readiness for fortuity. An appreciation of resources and the reuse and recycling of objects and materials.