• Born, with twin brother Hans, in Vienna

1968- 1972

  • University of Applied Art in Vienna, specialising in graphics and photography.


  • Graduation with Diploma and MFA
  • Study scholarship in Paris

1973- 1977

  • Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, major in Art Education


  • Study scholarship of the Academy of Fine Arts


  • Graduation with MFA


  • Starts activity conducting art seminars and workshops

1993- 2011

  • Foundation of the ‘Windspiel Laboratory for Creativity and Treasure Hunting’®, a training centre and studio for the study and promotion of creativity, providing facilities for experiments with innovative ideas and artistic originality.

2001- 2012

  • Foundation of the Windspiel Gallery, a platform for national and inter-cultural projects.

Co-founder and president (2001 – 2015) of the art association Kunstart-Europäisches Kunstnetzwerk (European Art Network).
Member of IG Bildende Kunst (Fine Arts Interest Group).
Member of eop – Emergence of Projects, a trans-disciplinary network of representatives from the fields of science and the arts.

Curator and exhibition organiser for national and international projects, e.g. “woman between reality and fantasy – a kaleidoscope (2004 – 2010); „Die verhüllte Frau/It is only a piece of clothing” (2007), ICH.formen (2006), „Bethlehem“ (2008).

Workshops in Austria, Greece, Italy, Peru, Uzbekistan and Palestine.

The artist’s work is featured in public and private collections in Austria (Henkel Collection; Gmunden Municipal Gallery) Germany, Finland, Australia, Peru (Museum of Contemporary Art, Cusco), Uzbekistan (British American Tobaccos Collection, Tashkent) and Palestine (Collection International Center, Bethlehem).

Since 1982, solo exhibitions and participation in group displays in Austria, Peru, USA, Russia, Israel, France, Sweden, Uzbekistan, Palestine, Germany, Greece, China and Malta.