Working Style

From my earliest years, journeys to foreign countries exert new influences.
But there are also journeys into an inner world, which allow us to explore areas we were previously unaware of. By means of trance and meditation, I initiate processes which find expression not in just individual works but in whole sequences.

The individual stages of the process are: the search for the image within, the exploration of areas so far unknown, the choice of the best medium and finally, retracing the process and absorbing the lessons it has taught. The search for inspiration can take us into many fields – everyday life just as easily as spiritual experiences.

The process itself involves a highly spiritualised view of creation, of mankind’s existence and the inter-connections involved in its development, the materialisation of invisible bonds and the different forms assumed by hidden processes. My work includes drawings on metal foil. Under pressure, this assumes a relief-like character, giving the work added depth. A layer of paint makes selected sections merge into the shadows, emphasising the polarity between light and shade. Many of the works are conceived in twin form. In others, their reduction into component parts is a key element, making it possible to re-assemble them in different forms.

Work in three dimensions opens the way into such diverse fields as fetishes and masks, slow changes and sudden transformations. Three-dimensional exhibits such as stones appeal to the sense of touch as well as sight. A whole new field of experience is opened up by the feel and sight of soapstone, alabaster, papier-mache, everyday utensils … in fact, anything you may find or which comes, literally, to hand.