A Panorama Of Life

A Panorama of Life in Twelve Pictures

“A panoramic review of the potential invested in the individual personality.

Twelve areas of human experience serve to trace the cycle of day-to-day life. The personal, internal images inspired within these fields can be made visible in a twelve-part series and thus presented in creative, artistic terms.

Immersion in one’s own being brings new, enriching experiences. Many doors are opened up if the subconscious is accepted as a source of unsuspected knowledge. Trust in one’s own intuition allows a more satisfying approach to everyday life. The exploration of inner dimensions gives clearer form to what was previously confused. It increases receptiveness and awareness of one’s own abilities.

Greta Znojemsky keeps a record of her research in the form of picture sequences, written notes and photographs.

The artistic approach gives workshop participants an insight into their own resources. The message of the inner images is understood not only by the person receiving it; it passes into a central field connecting all those taking part. The interchange throws light on subconscious levels waiting to be discovered and developed … or perhaps re-discovered and developed anew. Views are exchanged and compared on the immediate and longer-term impact on those taking part, who are thus encouraged to see images in a new light and become more receptive to their effect.

By means of drawing and painting, insubstantial ideas can be given pictorial form, seen in more real terms. A lot of what was previously present but invisible can now be recognised clearly. Close examination of pictures produced this way reveals new fields – openness to change and acceptance of creative responsibility. New pictures act as catalysts in conjunction with the internal images which, in turn, set further processes in motion. Awareness of what is happening at the level of the internal image helps to increase the participants’ consciousness of what they seek in the ‘real’ world of everyday life.

Greta Znojemsky uses the support of relaxation exercises in combination with shallow trance states.

She regards her field work as a genuinely artistic method since the stimuli she conveys to those taking part have a direct effect on their potential for visual creativity and open up to them new or extended artistic dimensions.”